Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finished and starting

You might be wondering why I am giving so much history and little on knitting and spinning. I hope you don't mind too much but, I thought it might be important to realize how I got to this point. After I learned to knit. I was making sweater after sweater. My mother gave me some straight knitting needles for Christmas with all the sizes it was truly a nice gift. (THANKS MOM!!!) I soon realized that I wanted softer yarns that were nice to wear and not scratchy. I went to a local yarn business store and realized that nice yarns were expensive and out of my price range. I decided to look into spinning. I then started to dream of spinning and owning my own wheel and how it would be possible to get a hold of one. By then I was married and living in a town. My husband and I were fortunate to live on a rental farm house, out in a farming community. The land was owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The cows in the back all went to people who needed food. We just got to rent the house on the plot. Farming families that belonged to The Church helped take care of the animals. A lady in my church heard of my interests in spinning and said she belonged to the local spinning guild and knew how to spin. I was elated. I wanted to know how to do it. So I took lessons from her once a week and I learned to spin on her spinning wheel. It took some practice, but I got it. At first she suggested that I learn on a spindle, but I was too impatient, the wheel or nothing. I learned how to Navajo ply as well. Then came washing the wool. She wanted me to learn everything and gave me a black fleece to learn from. I was overwhelmed at her generosity, it was very nice of her. I don't remember what kind of fleece that it was but it was brown on the tips. She showed me how to wash a lock at a time, and got the fleece completely cleaned. She used dawn and filled the sink with hot water and took a lock of hair and swished it in the sink and in the adjacent sink used the same temperature of water and took the same lock and swished to rinse it. It came out clean but it was a slow process, too slow for me. I decided to go on a quest to try to figure out different methods of cleaning. More of that tomorrow.
I am working on Adult socks now, my baby socks are completed. I am using the same generic sock pattern that I got from online. I am using a Mock Cable pattern for the length of the leg after the ribbing. I also found that pattern on line. The yarn is Sockotta (The plymouth Italian collection) 45%Cotton 40% Superwash Wool 15% Nylon. I like the yarn. See ya

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