Monday, January 18, 2010

History and baby socks

When I went to college I needed a release from my classes. First class started at seven A.M. and last class ended at 5:00. My Aunt Amber told me of a women who knew how to knit from Portugual, she didn't speak any English, but boy could she knit. I sat next to her learning English style knitting with a needle under my armpit. (I didn't learn continental until later from my aunt Lyn). I learned how to make a sweater and a little of sock knitting with her help. I am grateful she ran across my path in life. Knitting in essence is the manipulation of one stitch, backwards, forwards, twisted, turned, and change the colors. The only difficulty is to make sure that the measurements are exact, so it fits. Yarn is another story of course.
Right now I am working on baby socks for a baby shower, I am using the sock pattern on line called "Generic Socks" I love this pattern I like how you can make it fit and yet you can put any design with it.

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