Sunday, January 17, 2010

A little about spinning

I remember the first time I heard about spinning, I was in the 2nd grade. Wool was being passed around in the "fun" class that I had the opportunity to sit in on when classes were combined. Then of course there was the movie Sleeping Beauty by Walt Disney. That was my first experiences with spinning. My first experiences knitting and crochetting was with my Great-Grandmother Nussbaum (knitting) and crochet with my Aunt Leslie. My Great-Grandmother migrated from Switzerland for religious reasons with her family and brought her knitting with her. She made us children knitted mittens with all kinds of pictures (because nothing is wasted). Every winter there would be new mittens. I thought it was cool that you could wear knitted items, unlike crochet, (because in my family members made blankets out of crochet). When I was young I remember the last pair of mittens I received, they were green, I didn't realize that my Great-Grandmother had passed away. My aunt Leslie taught me the basics of knitting and crochet how to cast on, and how to continue. It was a beginning. That is a little history of me, and there will be more. I also wanted to share a triumph. I finally had success on having clean wool when I washed. I have been flabbergasted on how to do it, and get it clean but now I have done it . More tomorrow.

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